Dues for Woodland Park homeowners are currently $350 per year and are due in July of each year. Our fiscal year starts on July 1. There is a late fee if payment is not received by July 31.

Title companies and real estate agents should contact Home Association Solutions at or 913-825-0001 for any information regarding the purchase of a home in Woodland Park.

Payment can be submitted via post to:

Woodland Park Home Owners Association
c/o Home Association Solutions
P.O. Box 26145
Overland Park, KS 66225-6145

Tired of writing and mailing checks?  If so, you can now pay HOA dues online.

The Woodland Park Homes Association has retained the services of Dues Payment Online (DPO).  DPO is a third party online paying service that allows the association to accept electronic payments, for a fee, to all members of the association.   While the association has made arrangements to provide this service, no fees go to the association.  If you have any issues with your payment processing, please contact DPO at 866-807-0938.

Payments may be made by credit card, debit card, or e-check.  In order to make your online payment, you will need to create a free User Account with DPO and know your balance due.  This information is printed on your dues invoice or contact Homes Association Solutions at (913) 825-0001. DPO will charge you a convenience fee for each online transaction (at varying fees for different payment methods).

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Your yearly dues pay for the following services:

  • Weekly trash & recycling collection for your home (contracted through Constable)
  • Lawn and grounds maintenance for the community areas such as the berm, Monticello entryways and park (contracted through Hassle Free)
  • Insurance for the property that the community maintains, and for the association/board itself
  • Utilities (electricity & water) for the entryways and other common areas
  • Administrative fees such as payment of our management company, filing paperwork with Johnson County, the State of Kansas, banking fees to Bank of America, and other legal fees as required
  • Postage and paper for mailings, and other office supplies

No member of the board receives any stipend or salary, other than reimbursement for items or services purchased using personal funds on behalf of the association.

Association members are entitled to review any financial records on request. Please contact and we can provide you with that information.