Trash Dumping

Woodland Park Residents

The HOA Board has noticed trash dumping behind the homes along the berm and in the park. By trash being dumped on the HOA property we have to pay to get it cleaned up. PLEASE do not use the berm and the park as a trash dump. Properly clean up after yourselves. If you see someone dumping trash please email the board at

Awareness of proposed construction

Prior to the annual membership meeting Material Capital Partners provided an overview of their Harmony @ Clear Creek project. This project will be in the vacant property north and west of Woodland Park – where the previous project was proposed. The project is 85 townhouses and 103 single family homes. Here is a link to the project. At this time I do not see them on the Shawnee Planning Commission agenda. You can check for meetings and agendas at this link.

As the Woodland Park HOA Board hears more, it will be posted here.

This week’s friendly reminder:

With the onset of spring, the HOA Board will begin sending out friendly reminders on Fridays in order to foster a more connected and respectful community of homeowners.

  • This week’s friendly reminder: We love to see all the people out and about walking and playing in the neighborhood. We want to make sure that everyone is safe. As a friendly reminder, please remember to drive within the speed limit in the neighborhood and try to not block sidewalks with parked cars in the driveway.

Well…this is exciting!

I received confirmation tonight from the city that WP will be getting a crosswalk going from the park to the sidewalk.  You may have already seen the beginning stages.

I have been told the install teams are 3 – 4 weeks out plus the weather is not in our favor.  But, at least we are on the schedule for the new safety measure!!!

More to come as details are released.

Forms needed for external improvement projects

Since spring has come early this year, many home owners have already begun home improvement projects to improve the appearance and value in their homes. We encourage this but would like to remind residents that in order to comply with the Homeowners’ Declaration of Restrictions, that Board approval is needed prior to the start of any major exterior project such as landscaping, painting, window replacement, fencing changes, roofing installs, deck work, or playground equipment installs.

Please be respectful of your neighbors by following this procedure. We have a simple form which is available from our website Home Improvement that can be filled out and returned via email to

More information can be found on the Home Improvement section of the website.