Trash Services

Woodland Park uses Constable Sanitation for curb side trash and recycling pickup.  If you have questions or any issues below is the contact information for Constable Sanitation and the Woodland Park HOA – Management Company.

Constable Sanitation:

Phone: (816) 204-1192

Website: Constable Sanitation

Woodland Park HOA – Management Company

Home Association Solutions
(913) 825-0001

Trash pickup is paid for through your yearly dues. All residents are issued one 95 gallon trash can (red lid) and one 65 gallon recycling can (blue lid).

Trash and recycling pickup is every Thursday morning, unless weather or holidays adjust the schedule. Trash pickup usually happens around 7AM, with recycling happening later in the morning. Per city ordnance, your waste containers can be set out no more than 24 hours in advanced and must be returned to the building set-back line within 12 hours of collection.

All waste must be placed in the bins to be picked up.  Please make room for the bins in your garage. Keeping the bins in the garage deters wildlife and bugs. If there’s no room in your garage please keep it out of sight to keep our neighborhood looking nice.

Recyclables do not need to be bagged. All recycling should be thoroughly rinsed, corrugated cartons should be cut or reduced to 2’ X 2’. Affixed labels do not need to be removed from recycling waste.

We encourage all residents to recycle as much as possible. Together, we can help to ensure a greener future. For more information on residential recycling services, please call (816) 204-1192. You can also download a listing of approved materials from their website.

Yard waste can also be left on the curb for pickup, it should be placed in the brown paper bags available at local stores.

Glass Bottles

Unfortunately, Constable Sanitation does not offer curb side pickup for glass bottles. However, residents are encouraged to utilize the Ripple Glass drop off in the on the west side of the Price Chopper parking lot. Glass taken to Ripple Glass does not need to be sorted by color and is used to make fiberglass insulation by Owens Corning in Kansas City. For more information about Ripple Glass visit their website at