Forms needed for external improvement projects

Since spring has come early this year, many home owners have already begun home improvement projects to improve the appearance and value in their homes. We encourage this but would like to remind residents that in order to comply with the Homeowners’ Declaration of Restrictions, that Board approval is needed prior to the start of any major exterior project such as landscaping, painting, window replacement, fencing changes, roofing installs, deck work, or playground equipment installs.

Please be respectful of your neighbors by following this procedure. We have a simple form which is available from our website Home Improvement that can be filled out and returned via email to

More information can be found on the Home Improvement section of the website.

Garage Door Safety Reminder

Just a reminder, per restriction 2(o):

All doors on garages shall be kept closed, except when opened for the purpose of  parking or removal of  motor vehicles, and for the purpose of cleaning the garage area,  removal or replacement of items stored in the garage area and when otherwise
reasonably necessary.
Garage doors left open and unattended are a welcomed sight to criminals. Help keep your family, your property and our neighborhood safe by not inviting criminals over.