Will you support project, “Slow down?”

From what was witnessed on the NextDoor posting the rate of speed and amount of traffic is a concern to many in our community.

These are exactly the type of concerns the Board of the HOA would like to hear about and address.  Some of the concerns we can address as a small group.  Other concerns, like this one, we need the help and support from the community to impact real change.

Several of us have reached out to various City departments with little impact…until now.

With the help of Councilwoman Lisa Larson-Bunnell the Board of the HOA will be meeting with a small group from the City to discuss our concerns with the rate of speed and what can be done about it!

This is where we are asking for your help.

First, we would like to hear from you.  Our goal is to compile a list of suggestions for the City in regards to the rate of speed and amount of traffic in our community, focusing on 64th Street and the park area.  So what are your thoughts and suggestions?

Second, I can think of no better way to start off the meeting than to have the 64th Street roadway filled with signs that match our message.  (It would be great to have the entire community represented.)

The HOA Board is planning on purchasing short-term “yard style” corrugated signs as well as some more permit signs for the entryway and the park area. If you are interested in purchasing and posting a sign in your yard to show support for this cause please let us know and we will get you a sign.  We are still waiting on the final bids to come in for the “yard style” corrugated signs.  Right now it looks like each sign will be $10.  Please note the signs get cheaper the more we purchase.

The Board has agreed to temporarily lift the sign restrictions for this very important concern.  (Please note only the signs approved by the Board will be allowed)

What do you say Woodland Park? Will you support project, “Slow down?”  Will you purchase a sign?”

* If you are interested please reach out to Lawrence on the Nextdoor app or send us and email

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